Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bible Studies For Women

In difficult times, studying the Bible is more important than ever. Following Jesus with whole-hearted devotion means clinging to Him day by day. And this means really digging into the Bible. As a wife, mother, professional, homeschooling parent, student, or young teenager--whatever life stage you're in-Bible studies for women can help you rise above difficulties, discover new joy, and fall in love with the Savior.

But these times are also busy times, so how do we create the space to do Bible studies for women? Here are some ideas that might inspire you:

1) Read the Bible during meals. We need God's Word as much or more than eating! Develop a reading plan that follows chapter by chapter in each different type of book in the Bible, like historical, wisdom literature, prophets, gospels, letters, etc. If this is too much planning for you find some kind of Bible studies for women and use the verses as a devotional.

2) Read a Psalm from The Message right before you go to sleep at night. Choose a short passage that strikes a chord deep in your heart, memorize it, and make it your mission for the next day. Remember and pray about it even before you get out of bed.

3) Find a woman's small group and get encouragement for Bible study. Many Bible studies for women are online.

4) Search for a mentor that will help you study the Bible for yourself.

5) Use a One Year Bible or the reading plan in the back of a study Bible.

6) Aim to spend time with Jesus first thing in the morning, even if it's just for five minutes! Spending time with Jesus and doing Bible studies for women is not meant to be a burden or another item you check off on your to-do list, but a source of true joy! Whether we acknowledge it or not, we need Him moment by moment, day by day.

7) Practice the presence of Jesus. Imagine Him there with you throughout the day. What is He doing? Where is He? What is He saying? What is His facial expression?

Bible studies for women is not about "cranking the blanks" and getting all the right answers. It's about deepening your relationship with Christ, for you to grow, and for you to become a more fruitful vessel, an instrument of God!

For more inspiration, including a newly published Bible study for women called Becoming God's Bride, go to

You will be inspired to cling to Jesus and walk with Him in whole-hearted devotion, in difficult times and good times alike!

John Grinder

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