Saturday, August 15, 2009

5 Ways to Quit Smoking

The smoking is dangerous to health, many of the experts says that the smoke is more harmful than the nicotine. There are more than 40 chemicals which are found in the cigarette smoke. Some of them are very dangerous as Benzene (used as a petrol additive), Formaldehyde (it is an embalming fluid), Ammonia (used as a toilet cleaner), Acetone (contained in nail polish remover) and many more. These chemicals are very harmful for the body and health.

So, If you want to quit smoking then I think these 40 chemicals should give you 40 reasons to quit smoking. If you will think that you are inhaling a toilet cleaner (ammonia) with the smoke of the cigarette then it will help you to quit smoking. Think about bad effects of the smoking and start following practices on the daily basis. I am sure if you will apply these things in your routine then you will be able to save your health and life by quiting smoking.

1. Start The Day With Positive Thinking: The people who wants to quit smoking they must always thinking about it. Some of the people think that they can not quit smoking so they fail in the attempt of it. Start your day with a positive thinking as "I can quit smoking". This thinking will keep energize you whole day. As possible you should avoid the presence of any smoker because the presence of any smoker at your work place may deviate your attention towards quit smoking.

2.Use Healthy Diet (Such as Fruits) on Regular Basis: If your diet will be good and healthy then it may help you to quit smoking. Take a healthy meal and some of the fruits which can neglect the previous harms by smoking. Use fruits in your diet, juice and the products with more liquid may help you. Eating fruit like apple, carrot, sticks, celery, etc. may lower the harms by the cigarette. You may go for the vitamin C- rich foods because they contain more antioxidants.

3. Keep away from Liquor and Coffee: Liquor and coffee are liquid but it dose not mean that you should use it. The liquor lower the water level inside the body and it can throw your mind towards the smoking. Same with the coffee, It contains caffeine some times it helps in quit smoking (If you want to smoke then take cup of coffee, it will kill your temptation towards the smoking) but, if you will take the coffee in the large amount then it will harm you more than the cigarette.

4. Take More liquid During Day: If you want to smoke then drink one liter of water, you will see that you have no need to smoke that time. And also when you take more liquid it will help to quit out the nicotine from your body.

5. Get Exercising and Look Fit : Exercise is always helpful your body and health. If you will exercise everyday them some of the nicotine will also out from body with the sweat. If you exercise in morning it will also keep you energize whole day and help you in quit smoking.

I thinks there are many smokers who want to quit smoking but due to not proper guidance and "will power" they fail to do so. If you have a great eager to quit smoking then you will quit smoking with a strong will power.

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