Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christmas Drink Recipe Ideas

Want some new Christmas Drink Recipes to impress your holiday guests this year? Why not introduce a new tradition into your annual holiday party. There are lots of different drink recipes you can incorporate into your holiday party, so be a little different this Christmas and give your family and friends a special treat!


Let's start our drink recipe tour in Jolly Old England with something called Wassail. It's a tasty Christmas party drink made with apple cider and a combination of some spices. Mix it together, heat it up and if you want to add a "little kick" to it, really spice it up with a little brandy. It has a great aroma and tastes even better!

Glhwein (Hot Mulled Wine)

Next on our Christmas drink recipe search let's see what Germany has to offer. A warm wine drink is what we will find here. It's called Glhwein (Hot Mulled Wine) and like Wassail it tastes and smells great.

Who would have thought that you could that you not only make a fun, delicious new drink, but also give your house a cheerful, delicious holiday aroma that will warm the hearts of your guests as well. Imagine your fragrant house filled with friends and family sampling your new holiday recipe ideas...It's going to be a great holiday season!

Cafe Mexican

The next Christmas drink idea is from our neighbors to the south...Mexico! Everyone loves a hot cup of Joe after dinner, but you can make that ordinary cup of coffee a gourmet delight with a recipe for Cafe Mexico! A combination of spices and a dollop of whipped cream will turn your after dinner coffee into a dessert! You can add some Kahlua coffee liqueur, or you can serve the non-alcoholic version.

American Eggnog

Finally, we have the old American holiday drink recipe...Eggnog. This is a drink you're probably familiar with. It's a holiday standard in my house but we like to add a little brandy or triple sec to give it a little vigor! This traditional holiday drink warms you from the inside out on a cold winters' night.

Add Some Spice To Your Christmas Drink Recipes

There are so many new and unique tastes from all over the world to help you add a "little something Extra" to your holiday party ideas this year. Holiday drink recipes and food recipes can turn your holidays into a gourmet feast, so try some new ideas this year.

Jill Gallo is Ms. Party Ideas and she writes for Come on and find some more unique and delicious holiday drink and food recipes. Jill loves to write about unique party ideas and loves to swap party ideas with you!

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