Saturday, August 29, 2009

Did Jesus Pray to God - Christianity

When Jesus was a little boy, did he know that he was God? He was obviously Jewish and we can't argue with that, but did he pray to God when he was little or even when he was older. Do you think Jesus's mom had him pray even though she knew that he was God, the creator of everything. Did Mary pray to Jesus when he was a baby? It was obviously established very early in his life that he was a king or someone special to his parents.

I can of course based this on the visit from the wise man or the three Kings from the east. Why these people never came back to visit or find out what happened to Jesus is another story.

I want you as a Christian to put yourself in my shoes for a moment and try to visualize the statement that I am about to make. If Jesus is God, what good would it do for him to pray to himself. I know, it probably makes sense to most Christians and they can probably make sense out of it but for a moment, just think about it. Stop reading and reread the first sentence in the paragraph.

If Jesus wasn't God, it would make sense to see him praying or even read about him praying in the Bible. It wouldn't however make a lot of sense for him to pray to himself. Maybe he was trying to create an illusion for his followers and was just going through the motions or pretending like he was praying so that they wouldn't feel out of place. I don't really know and am only guessing why there are so many pictures of him praying in churches all over the world.

If there truly is a Trinity and this consists of the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus, do they pray to each other? Does the Holy Spirit pray to Jesus or when Jesus is on earth he prays to the Holy Spirit or God. I don't want to start confusing anyone but I would like you to think about this when you're reading the Bible, was Jesus praying to God and if so why.

A little bit of thinking can go a long way and often change someone's point of view.

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