Saturday, August 29, 2009

Asking Amiss

Sometimes when we pray asking God for some things we want in our lives, God answers back with a big NO! This is not that he does not want us to have those things we are asking for but because the motive behind wanting them is wrong. We are asking amiss. God never blesses you for your own sake. He does not want you to have money so that you can only satisfy your needs and wants. God wants you to use that money to reach out to the needy in the society. Bless the work of God with what you have.

Other times, we want to have things so as we can show of to our friends, enemies and relatives. As a Christian, this is very wrong. In fact you will miss on your blessings because of your wrong motives. We want to be seen in the best of cars, clothes and houses. This is not wrong, in fact God wants his children to have the best. Let all these good things come, not because you are seeking for them but as a reward from God.

When you are asking amiss, too many things start to go wrong in your walk with God. Sometimes we tend to be offended with God. Yet we do not know that we are worsening our situation. When your work with God is holy, things in your life start to line up. You don't even care if you have the best of worldly stuff. All that matters is your walk with God. When you get to this point, God releases blessings in your life. Blessings you do not have room to contain.

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