Friday, August 28, 2009

Stunning Motivational Makeover

There is a common saying which says - we become what we think. Can we give a thorough makeover to what we think? Can we transform our negative thoughts to positive ones? Can we sharpen our mental imagery and transform our self-esteem so that it can positively create a mental strength? These days we put a great deal of emphasis on the way we look. Everybody is talking about external makeovers. The television, magazines, radios are all talking about a makeover, a new look that can totally transform your lifestyle. We see individuals receiving makeovers in all types of television shows ranging from talk shows to fashion shows. It is as if a snake is shedding its skin for a new one. The transformation is considered to be drastic. But have you not ever wondered that such transformation is merely an eye-wash that can to a certain extent improve the materiality of our life, but not our inner being? We should not merely focus our attention on looking our best, but rather more importantly focus on feeling well.

It would be interesting if we give our inner being, our soul, our personality a motivational makeover so that it can transform our life permanently for the better. We can start effecting this internal change by using the motivational wallpapers as background to our home and workplace computers. So even while you are busy with our work our senses would be immediately heightened. We need not busy ourselves in motivational readings or motivational exercises. We can have the wallpapers in the background and we will feel energized. These jewels of photography with their words of wisdom can renovate our attitude and outlook to life. They would excite in us new thought processes and new ways of thinking.

Motivational wallpapers contain quotes within a serene and soothing background so as to immediately incite us to a positive action. The background imagery moulds our thought processes, boosts our self-perception and opens up endless vistas of self-exploration. It results in positive energy which gets reflected in our body language, verbal expressions, and our look and in our personality.

These motivational wallpapers are tremendously appealing. It seems always to interact with us in a silence. The nature photographs soothe our senses so that we have tranquil mind and then we can easily reflect on the words of wisdom depicted on them. We can ponder over the thought and how it can positively affect our life. We do not relax in our lethargic complacency; instead we are aroused to positive action. In the modern society we have become so excessively materialistic that we spend a lot of money on make-ups and clothes to have a new look. Instead, if we could just change our thought process, motivate our soul and our psyche we will be able to make our life more enjoyable. The makeover of our outward selves for which we are thus striving would automatically get transformed with a change in our inner being. Thus by using these motivational wallpapers we will be able to bring permanent and lasting changes to our life.

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