Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Overcome a Lifetime of Conditioning

Are you currently in the habit of experiencing unwanted events in your life over and over again? When we experience unwanted events over and over in life we can feel like a victim of circumstance, becoming annoyed at the injustice of life.

Little do most realize that these seemingly random events or obstacles stem from a lifetime of conditioned beliefs. Beliefs that run on auto-pilot in the background of our lives, producing fear and doubt.

Fears that often get us stuck in a lifetime of trying to overcome obstacles, creating a victim mentality. When we experience the very obstacles we are trying to avoid, we use this as a justification for our fear in the first place, because a fearful mind looks for what is wrong.

Occasionally being stuck in a rut is natural but there has to be a point when enough is enough. If you've been doing a lot of talking, it's time to start the action part. Become active in your vision of a better life.

So how do you overcome a lifetime of conditioning?

First and foremost we need to question the validity of our fears. Stop and look for what is right about the situation, instead of wrong. There is a definite need to move from focus on the unwanted events to finding and making the solution our focal point.

Next, it's time to replace old beliefs and create real change. The best way to surrender the comfort of a lifetime of old fearful conditioned beliefs is to establish a new trust; a trust in yourself to create and direct pleasant events and solutions into your life. The same trust and confidence that you have, that your name is --, that you weigh --, that your height is --, and that you live at --.

So how do you create trust and confidence?

We will use this 100 percent surety that you are who you believe you are and sit in front of a large mirror.

In front of your mirror repeat each of these statements 3 times:

I am (insert your name) and I love myself.
I am God and I love myself.
I and God are one and I love myself.
All is well and I am safe.

It does not matter whether you laugh or cry, just develop this into a habit. Surrender to the good that is inside you. Habitually expecting trust and confidence in the goodness of life produces trust and confidence in the goodness of life. Any chronic negative beliefs stem from a lifetime of belief in fear or lack thereby creating unwanted events and obstacles over and over again, which only offer solidifying reinforcement in the original belief.

Does this mean that nothing unpleasant will ever happen?

Of course not, it means that nothing happens to make us feel afraid.

We come to see the validity in creating good feeling and beliefs for ourselves.

James Allen may have said it best, "People are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves. They therefore remain bound."

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