Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Nobody Believes in You - Self Help Tips

Maybe one of the most distressing experiences people can encounter is that of being rejected by the people who should be supporting them. Although human beings are intrinsically social and gregarious, there are moments when the community we live in does not fulfill its role of reinforcement it is supposed to have. It is then when people have to deal with feelings of exclusion and loneliness.

When these feelings of rejection are not appropriately dealt with, they have a paralyzing effect on the personal growth of the affected person. Lack of self-esteem and boldness will inevitably lead to a life of failure and underachievement.

If you are struggling in this area, here are some powerful thoughts that will help you confront those feelings of loneliness and rejection successfully:

Don't Rely on Homo sapiens

  • Most people who think that nobody believes in them judge by the actions of the people around them. Just because people seem to ignore you doesn't mean they don't believe in you. If you are constantly expecting other people to meet your needs of reassurance, you're destined to a life of disappointment.
  • Don't have too high expectations for people investing time in you. Remember that we live in a fast paced world. Most people, even our loved ones, don't always take time to meet all the needs around them, unless they scream in their face.
  • Human beings are selfish by nature. Most people are so busy with their own troubles that they don't notice when somebody around them could need a bit of encouragement.
  • You'd be surprised to find how many people around you are probably hurting just as much as you are. Take the first step and sow love and care into another life without expecting anything in return. If you sow love, you will definitely reap love.

Rely on God Instead

  • Jesus knows exactly how you feel. He too was rejected and even killed by his contemporaries, yet He walked in a life that always pleased His Father, regardless of what people thought. And His life caused a global impact on the history of mankind.
  • God also has a perfect plan for you. He has designed you with a unique combination of gifts and talents to accomplish the task you have been given. He loves you and believes in you. And He promised to never forsake you if you chose to walk with Him.

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From Bettina Langerfeldt, who teaches people how to pursue their God-given gifts and talents by designing their own education with self-directed learning.

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