Sunday, August 30, 2009

Article Writing Brainstorming

Do you ever feel like you have so much to say, but not sure how to say it? The great thing about this country is we have the opportunity to say whatever we want to. Sometimes we second-guess ourselves on how we want to say something. Stop thinking about it so much and just get started!

Do It

Writer's block can be a scary thing. You feel like you've already said all you have to say, and you have no ideas left. Well, you do have ideas. You have lots of them. You can write about anything. Even if it doesn't seem as though your intended topic would tie in with your business, you can make it work. People invented things such as dog massages, trust me, your correlation and idea of articles, will probably not be that far fetched!

Include Loved Ones

You love certain people in your life, even if it is just one person. You may have one friend whose opinion you really trust. You could consult with even your colleagues, whether you are the superior or the subordinate, like I said before everyone has something to say. If you feel as though you are neglecting your children or your boyfriend, ask them if they would want to spend a night coming up with really great ideas for your article writing. If you include children or teenagers, have them write things and approach their teachers about earning extra credit.

Ask for Feedback

If you are more reserved or it is easier to receive article writing input from people who are detached, ask your consumers for input. They visit your website, buy your product, and you can promote your business while receiving feedback on what they would like to read in future articles.

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