Sunday, August 30, 2009

Supercharge Your Positive Thinking

Many people have come to realize that what we are focused upon often manifests itself in our lives. Thus, if we are apprehensive about or fearful of events in the future, we will often attract that very thing into our lives. Fortunately, it works the other direction as well. If we are strongly focused on what we want, and imagine it happening in our minds, frequently we will receive it, or a form of it, into our lives. Here are four powerful ways to optimize your ability to focus on what you want:

1. Take care of your physical body. The mind and body are intricately connected, and care of one will benefit the other. Make sure you are eating healthy foods, taking appropriate multivitamins and calcium, and exercising regularly. These measures will elevate your mood and clear your mind, allowing you to think about the things you desire.

2. Rid your mind of negative thinking. If you are harboring anger toward someone or something, allow yourself the full negative emotion and note how it affects your mood and physical body. Make a conscious decision to release this negative feeling inside yourself for your own benefit. Remind yourself that you are here and now, exactly where you are meant to be. Assure yourself that whatever decisions you made regarding the situation, they were the best decisions for you at the time.

3. Allow that the other person or event has its limitations, and if it is a person, that this individual did what he or she could with what they have to work with. Visualize releasing this person or event into the universe, back to the God who had purpose for it. Begin to seek out the benefits of the experience and look ahead toward what you may constructively do with your experience.

4. Begin daydreaming about the things you want. Is it a material item like a car? A romantic partner? A new job? Allow yourself to think big and experience in your sensory capacity what it will feel like, look like, smell like, and taste like to have that thing. Anytime a doubt or negative thought that you "can't have that" comes into your mind, imagine a big red "X" through the thought or image, and verbally say "Cancel". Repeat as often as necessary to plant the positive mindset.

Are you interested in addressing your life challenges from a holistic standpoint, assessing the physical, emotional, and relationship components?

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