Friday, August 28, 2009

He Refused to Drink It

Two amazing things took place just before the crucifixion of Jesus. First, someone was caring enough in the midst of that hardened crowd, to reach out to the Master and offer Him a way to ease His pain. Was this the standard thing to do? Doesn't seem to me that one would be "nice" to a murderer or thief. But somehow compassion reached the Son of God, as someone was able to see the senselessness of this particular crucifixion.

The other amazing thing is that Jesus refused to drink what He was offered. It's amazing to me because I tend to be an escape artist when it comes to pain and suffering. If they would, I'd let them put me out at the dentist's office.

But through the years I've been able to say with the Pharisee, I'm sure glad I'm not like the people of the world. I don't drink or do drugs or smoke. I don't alter my mind or body at all, and escape my troubles and fears by some substance. Then it hit me, not too long ago. I've been using the television to dull my senses to the pain of Christ in the world today.

By God's grace, on June 26 I was delivered from the real culprit of American society. There are many believers like myself who would never think of hitting the bottle, but when they need "fellowship", they turn on the TV. If they lack companionship, they turn on the TV. When things get tough, they turn to television. When they're feeling good, even about the Lord, they celebrate by watching a little TV. When their mind gets hungry, when they're bored, they lack vision, they want to relax, escape...oh for any number of reasons, television is king.

I believe now that the television-movie industry is drugging American Christians, de-sensitizing them to the realities of the Holy Spirit, and delaying any true revival.

Could it be that Christ Himself would like to be the One we turn to in all the above situations? Could it be that God would have us fill our minds with God's vision, not tele-vision?

How many times did I lose the program that God had just given me in His Word by having it buried in the program of some man. How many times have I laughed my way out of the deep walk in the Spirit He was desiring. How many hours-days-years gone, with no way of recovery...

I speak not as judge. I speak as one set free, who wants his friends to have the same joy. I have not regretted my decision. Though it is only 3 weeks old, life is already taking much better turns. I am thinking my own thoughts, going the way I was intended to go, hand in hand with Christ. Doors are opening. Life is fuller. I highly recommend a Hollywood-free life to all who can hear me.

If Christ Jesus refused to drink the cup that men gave Him so that He could drink the cup the Father gave Him, well, should that not be the Model I place before me?

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