Monday, August 17, 2009

Achieving Your Objectives Every Time - Goal Setting 101

If you want to achieve your objectives in sports, politics, leadership, career or business then you are going to have to concentrate on the details, just as much as you do the end goal. In fact, you must break your end goal into little tiny goals that you can accomplish along the way and you must treat these little tiny goals as important as the dream or end goal.

Have you ever heard that saying; "The Devil is in the Details? Well, perhaps he really is and thus, if you do not pay attention to the details the devil will and he will destroy all your chances for success. It's not difficult to break your larger goals into smaller ones, you will find this comes quite naturally when you divide up tasks you need to accomplish when you do most anything.

The difference is that when you apply this strategy to your personal goals it will work just as easy as when you apply this technique to your educational or career goals. For instance, you cannot merely get a PhD in one step. You must take tons of classes, attend all the classes get decent grades, and then do your dissertation, which in itself must be broken down into many smaller tasks to complete such an undertaking.

The trick to achieving your Objectives Every Time is to use a strategy that works for you. I recommend that you try my Goal Setting 101Challenge. Take any goal you have big or small and break it into very tiny bite size tasks, assign each task to be completed a drop dead date, a date in which you must complete it.

Then stretch that out to the date you need to complete it by and schedule yourself out a work sheet and complete each little goal as if it were the big goal. Oh and you must reward yourself along the way for staying on target. If you do that you will accomplish your goal and have more confidence for the next important goal you set. Anything is possible.

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