Sunday, April 12, 2009

Believing in God

I was talking to a Muslim man who lives in another country through e-mail and we have been having a very pleasant conversation about why we believe, what we believe. This man seems very caring and someone I can actually have a educated conversation with. Some people that believe in their religion so strongly, are hard to communicate with and often start yelling and screaming at me. These conversations and very abruptly and sometimes painfully.

If believing in God makes you right and everything in your religious texts is true, then the least you could do is back it up with some factual information. Factual information is the key to proving any theory or belief. In a court of law, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt,... but if my life's at stake here, this really doesn't apply. I won't bet my life on reasonable doubt, but only hard scientific facts and sometimes this doesn't even apply.

Sometimes scientific facts can be proven wrong over time.

Let's say for an instance, that we take the Bible into a court of law and are going to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that one verse is true from this book. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Now that we have our Bible verse, let's just say for the record, that our hypothetical court case was proven to be true, beyond a reasonable doubt. In other words this is now a factual statement.

Just because it's a factual statement based on something that was proven beyond a reasonable doubt doesn't really make it a truth. When someone tells you, for example your parents or a teacher, that something is true (factual information) and you start spreading this rumor as a truth, because you believe these people, without any evidence for factual information, you're spreading a rumor. If these rumors were to be spread for about 2000 years, we come up with a factual belief not a scientific fact.

Nobody wants to hear that their religious text don't make sense to an open-minded person, even beyond a reasonable doubt. The belief that God created the earth isn't a fact, but if enough people say it is, then in their minds it becomes a truth. This doesn't make them right but often makes them feel comfortable.

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