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Conscious Creation

Conscious creation is the process of being aware of your thoughts and thinking only toward creating your life the way you want it to be. You could then say you are in a state of awakened consciousness. Although conscious actually means aware and in the usual understanding of the word you are awake when you are conscious, on a more subtle level conscious means you are awakened to the truth that you are one with the whole that is universal consciousness.

If you are thinking that if that were true then to this point you have been unconscious, you are exactly right. Most of us have wandered around to this point living our lives completely unconscious. When you switch to being conscious of your own thoughts you turn on an inner light that kick starts the process of attracting into your life that which you are thinking about.

Whether you have realised it before or not, it has always been possible to think this way; how you would like your life to be and for it then to happen exactly the way you thought it would. The reason most people don't actually live the life they would want to is nothing more than the way they think.

Read works by Confucius, Aurelius, Einstein, Da Vinci, Tolstoy, Haanel, Thoreau, Tennyson, Aristotle and Emerson to name but a few and you will notice they all have the same underlying message; you are what you think about most!

So how is this possible?

When you get down to the level of quantum physics, all living matter is made up of molecules which are made up of hundreds upon hundreds of millions of atoms. Our entire universe is nothing more than a vibrating mass of energy. It is in this 'quantum dimension' that all things exist and are connected as one. Throughout history this energy has been referred to as many things; in yoga it is known as 'prana', Taoism knows it as 'chi' or 'qi' and there are many others. It is the life force which pervades all things; the nameless energy which is responsible for all existence.

Quantum physics research has shown that through this energy, we are all connected and each share the same universal consciousness.

To understand this, imagine the universe as a huge ocean and each person a tiny droplet of water making up that huge ocean. The water can exist as an individual droplet but it can also merge to form part of a huge ocean.

To further understand how you can create your life the way you want it to be, quantum physics dictates that nothing can exist until it is observed. To bring anything into your life you have to first think it. How else would the great inventions and technological advances throughout history have come to fruition?

Everything begins with a thought and by understanding we are all part of the same universal consciousness and that we are, at will, able to tap into the field of universal energy we can begin to think about what we would like to create in our lives on a daily basis. This is conscious creation!

This happens already in your life whether you realise it or not. Lets first use the example where your day just doesn't seem to go right from the moment you wake up. You get up in the morning and you stub your toe, you curse the bed post you bumped into and begin a negative train of thought. Without even being aware (conscious) of it one negative thought can lead to another. You might then be running a little late for work, you get stuck in traffic and slowly the negative events are then feeding further negative thoughts. Your day doesn't go well at all and before you realise it you have had the mother of all bad days. That might seem an extreme scenario but if you give a little thought just now to your own days, how many can you think of that just end up like that?

By being conscious of your thoughts you can begin to think in a way that guides the direction of your day the way you would want it to go. When you stub your toe you might curse the bed post but you are then conscious of your thoughts and perhaps say to yourself 'I always get out of bed and feel happy, ready for a great day ahead'. That might seem a little odd to begin with but what it is actually doing is setting a clear intention that this is how you want your day to go. You can see quite easily that a string of thoughts like that would soon have your day headed in a different direction and cumulatively over time change the way you live your life altogether!

What makes conscious creation work?

What makes conscious creation work is the great law which our entire universe of creation depends upon; The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. It is scientifically impossible for you to think positively and for negative situations to pour into your life.

The tiny vibrating atoms mentioned earlier will attract other tiny vibrating atoms of the same make up, whether this is on a positive level or a negative level; the universe makes no judgements. There is no good or bad, only a thought, feeling, decision or action your part.

Remembering that everything is nothing more than vibrating balls of energy, your thoughts then are no exception. When you are in the process of thinking you are emitting vibrating energy waves. Going back to the analogy of the droplet of water and the ocean, your energy is part of the universal energy and so when your thoughts emit energy vibrations they are tapping into the universal energy.

The Law of Attraction works like a mirror. Whatever we think will emit an energy vibration and the universal energy will just give us back exactly the same. When you are thinking and feeling negative you will get more of the same and conversely when you are thinking and feeling positive you get more of the same.

Negative = negative and positive = positive. It is as simple as that.

So why does this work for some and not for others?

Ask yourself this. What makes some people successful and others unsuccessful? You could say money, status, luck or a whole manner of things but you have to attract such things into your life in the first place.

The answer is successful people only think thoughts around what they want to achieve and in simple terms the universal energy will just deliver what they are thinking.

For those who are unsuccessful, who try and fail and give up will ultimately get more of the same. This doesn't just apply to being successful in the professional sense but successful in love, relationships, money, health and life in general. This theory applies to everything and if you sit and consider this for a few moments you may begin to realise how conscious creation can truly change the way you experience life.

It is important to begin by understanding, acknowledging and accepting that everything which has come into your life was brought there by you and no-one else. You could question this when you think about seemingly negative events and circumstances but your thoughts will have somehow attracted that event or circumstance to you. There is no such thing as co-incidence or being in the wrong place at the wrong time or even the right place at the right time!

There is no exception to this rule!

For you to attract what you want most in your life you not only have to think it but you have to believe it.

If you do not believe that you can become successful, abundant, healthy or wealthy or whatever else you want most in your life, it will not come to you. The reason this works for some people and doesn't for others is very simple. Some people think what they want most in their life, believe it totally and can see it happening before it actually happens. They visualise what they want as though it is already there. They know without doubt that it will happen and of course inevitably it does!

Now, some people think what they want most in the life but they don't really believe it. They might think they want something and be thinking frequently about how much they want this to happen but at some level of their being they are not believing that they are worthy or deserving of it. These underlying thoughts and feelings inevitably emit correlating energy vibrations and so the universal field of energy is getting a mixed bag of vibrations. Such people will not attract what they want in their life and in fact will be attracting exactly that which they don't want! For you to attract people, events and circumstances into your life that you desire most you have to think, see and believe it!

It does not matter that you do not have this in your life right now, just believe totally in what you are thinking and you will notice your life begins to unfold in this direction. This is not an assumption; this is fact.

Another reason why some people don't actually get what they want out of life is because they don't actually know what it is that they want in the first place. Being clear on what you want is the first step in the process of conscious creation.

Conscious creation works because you are setting a clear intention i.e. by thinking what you want, by then believing you will bring this into your life and by visualising yourself having or experiencing this. An important part of this process if thinking as though it is already the case now, and finally by expecting its arrival, without any doubt.

The doubt or not truly believing that you will have what you want is what then emits a 'negative' energy vibration and so you receive back something along the lines of what you are thinking, and of course not what you wanted in the first place!

A great example of conscious creation is around the huge subject of money. If you were to ask a group of people what they would most like to bring into their lives a good percentage would probably say money.

You might say that you have already been thinking positively about bringing more money into your life. You have been visualising yourself being abundant, wealthy and rich but if you are still flat broke you are either focusing on the negative i.e. the lack of money or you do not believe you can have money or are worthy and deserving of having more money or abundance in your life.

The key to conscious creation is to think only what it is you want in positive terms, and as though you actually have it. By focusing on the fact you have no money will inevitably bring more of that situation into your life. When you are thinking 'I need more money' or even 'I want to get out of debt' you are actually focusing on the lack of money rather than 'I have lots of money' or 'money pours into my life and all areas of my life are abundant'. Think as you would want it to be and as though it is already here.

Affirmations and Creative Visualisation

Affirmations are a huge part of conscious creation because they begin to work on a subconscious level. When you are thinking what you want in your life you are making an affirmation. For example 'I am abundant and money pours into my life'. As you say this allow yourself to really experience what that money feels like, what it would give you, and how would it feel to have that money and what would it bring into your life.

Visualise yourself in those situations. As well as making the positive affirmation around what you want in your life, actually experience it, feel it and visualise it in your mind. Affirmations and visualising what you want will make the energy vibrations more powerful.

It can be helpful to create story boards or a book or file on your computer where you store images of what you want to bring into your life. Having these around you act as a reminder and intensify the power of your intention.

At first this might seem a little odd or difficult. As with anything new or alien it just takes time for it to become the norm. Be creative with your thoughts, affirmations and visualisations. Really give yourself time to sit down and think about what you want in your life. Not just things but your life experiences; where do you want to live, how do you want to spend your days, who do you want to spend your life with, what environment do you want to be in, what is important to you and so on. Allow yourself to begin to visualise yourself in these situations and really begin to believe that they are coming to you.


Synchronicities are those small events that happen sometimes and you think 'ha! What a co-incidence!' You might have been thinking a few days before about looking for a new pair of boots for example. You know the style and colour your want. Then you pass by a shop and there they are. Perfect! Now usually you wouldn't give this much thought you would just think 'cool that's great, got my boots' but really this is a synchronicity.

You thought about the boots just a few days before and you visualised them, really knew and believed you would have them and in accordance with the energy vibrations you emitted, it was no accident that you were passing by that particular shop at that particular time.

Don't get caught up in the detail, let the universe figure that out. You only need decide what you want and the 'hows' of it all will come to you. Whilst its important to be specific about what it is you want, you don't need to work how that is going to come to you. If you start trying to figure that out you will close off opportunities and possibilities. Your intentions will manifest themselves in the strangest of ways sometimes so be open to noticing the synchronicities when they occur.

There is absolutely no difference with creating a pair of boots to creating the perfect job, ideal partner, dream car, dream home, more money or whatever else you want to create. The only difference is that you will only attract into your life what you believe you can have.

For most people there is a point where they don't believe that particular circumstances are possible for them and it is for this very reason that those particular circumstances never become reality for them. You have to believe it.

Discovering yourself

The process of conscious creation naturally provides you the opportunity to discover yourself a little more. When you sit down and give thought to what you really want from your life you start to uncover your true self. You true self is your inner being, that which shines through when you are feeling happy and that which is always connected to universal consciousness.

A lot of people who live their lives 'unconsciously' aren't really aware of who they really are. They are led by society, by the demands and objectives of their job, by their partner, their children, magazines, media, and government and so on.

Allow yourself time with yourself to discover who you really are and what you really want out of life. Go beyond money and possessions and think about how you would like to spend your days, what is important to you and really begin to discover yourself.

When you know yourself more you can make clearer intentions based on what is right and true for you. Be guided by your true self and you will know whether something is right for you by how it feels. If you feel bad about a situation that comes into your life then you know it is not in alignment with your true intentions and you can choose not to act on it, make a decision in that particular direction or follow that path.

Act only in accordance with your true self.

Balancing Being with Doing

It is important to balance all this action and doing with being. Being is simply allowing you to be present, enjoying each moment as it happens and accepting and trusting the flow of life.

When you begin to consciously create your own life you become more aware of what comes into it. Life is a journey and true happiness and inner peace can be found when you begin to discover your true self, achieve a balance of setting clear intentions which you achieve to create and shape your life situation and of accepting what is.

When you set an intention which you believe and know will come to you, start to trust the natural flow of your life. There are times when things happen that on the face of it seem to be totally unaligned with your purpose or intention. In these moments simply accept what is. Trust that this is in accordance with your highest good. You can't always see the bigger picture and so who is to say that this particular 'unwanted' situation is not leading you to what you do want.

When you can accept what is, your life becomes more enjoyable and less of a struggle.

Synchronicities will occur which are in alignment with your intentions and as you begin to manifest what you desire you will begin to notice that less 'negative' situations come into your life.

The process becomes more natural and this is when you find you are balancing simply being with doing.

The power of the present moment

Most people spend a large proportion of their time either worrying about events that happened yesterday, last week, last year or in the past or similarly about future events that have not even happened yet; about tomorrow, next week or even next year.

If you can begin to live in the present moment and only focus your attention on now you will find that the quality of your life becomes greater and you find more enjoyment in living.

You cannot change the past and you cannot be in the future. You can only be in the now.

Being present is about being aware of what is happening in each moment. In this way you are eliminating worry and anxiety. You are not ruminating over past events and you are not anxious over whether things will happen in a particular way tomorrow or next week. You are just experiencing the now.

You are conscious of each moment. In this way you can choose to consciously create in a particular moment, to choose how to respond and act in accordance with your true self and to experience what each moment brings. You will notice synchronicities occurring in accordance with your intentions because you are present and aware of what is going on around you.

Just think about how often you sit worrying about something that was said or done yesterday or in the past; how often you sit thinking about things that have not happened yet and you will catch my meaning of being present.

Allow yourself to simply be in each moment because now is the essence of your life. The past has gone and the future has not yet arrived. You can only affect the now.

To summarise the conscious creation process that can begin to change the way you live your life making it a more enjoyable and happier journey;

* Spend time discovering and connecting with your true self.

* Set clear intentions to create and shape your life situation.

* Believe and trust that you are a part of universal consciousness; you believe in yourself and trust your intentions/purpose will manifest into reality.

* Expect that you will give, receive and are deserving of the best of everything in every situation.

* Be present.

* Accept what is; trust that it is in accordance with your highest good.

* Enjoy each moment.


Shelley Costello

Shelley Costello is a Wellness Coach, incorporating Yoga, Life Coaching, Indian Head Massage, Relaxation, Meditation, Ayurveda and information and advice on nutrition

The essence is of helping others to help themselves become healthier, happier and live a more fulfilled life

Shelley is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Indian Head massuese. In addition, over the past two years she has studied Buddhism, anatomy and physiology, Ashtanga yoga, nutrition and quantum physics related to the natural laws of the universe and conscious creation techniques. She has 15 years business management experience and extensive internet marketing experience

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