Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Improve Employee Motivation

You can't deny the fact that your organization works because of teamwork. The more the team works together harmoniously, the more successful your organization is. However, this is easier said than done. Many organizations fail because they are filled with unmotivated employees. If you have a problem with employee motivation, then take notice. A team that doesn't have employee motivation means that they have poor performance, which translates to bad business for you.

Improving the Motivation of Your Employees

- Build a good foundation at the start.
You improve motivation if you build a solid foundation at the beginning of your employee's career. Once the employee becomes a part of your organization, make sure that he is given an orientation of the history of your business and the mission and vision. Be aware also of his career expectations and goals and how you can make them feel as part of your team.

- Promote a positive environment in your organization.

A positive environment can always promote a positive outlook among employees. This means that you do not have preference over your other employees and you make all your employees feel important. Try to keep your doors open to all your staff, that they can approach you with problems and issues.

- Lead by example.

As a leader, you must lead by example. If you want your employees to come to work on time, then you should do the same. You communicate to your employees the things that you want by leading a good example and not simply talking about it.

- Make sure that your employees have a career path.

Employees always aim for career advancements and possibilities of promotion always improve employee motivation. You can work with your employees in charting their career growth plan taking into consideration their current skills and future goals. You will see how this would create magic among your employees' self-esteem.

- Be liberal with seminars and trainings.

You motivate your employees when you provide means to increase their professional skills through seminars and trainings. If there are possibilities of attending workshops and seminars related to your business, then offer these to them. If the employees feel that you are investing in them, they would feel cherished and would eventually improve their job performance.

- Let your employees have fun.

All work and no fun would make Jack a dull boy. Once in a while, engage your staff in fun activities together like annual excursions or dinner out for some job well done. If it's possible, you can reward your staff with an unexpected day off or early closing in a Friday.

- Offer incentives to the good worker

Offering incentives is a way of acknowledging a job well done. This can be in cash or in kind. Aside from the usual praise, you can offer small tokens of appreciation like gift certificates or performance-based bonuses.

- Be true to your promises.

Stick to your promises and your employees will feel motivated all the time. If they see that the people leading them are doing what has been promised, they would realize that they are working with a credible company and that they are lucky to be part of it. Remember that not keeping your promises would only translate to a decrease in employee motivation and eventual loss of trust.

There are many ways to improve employee motivation in your organization. All in all, it is all about being people-oriented and not losing sight of the fact that you need your staff to make your business successful.

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