Monday, April 13, 2009

Why Do You Smoke?

Have you ever thought about why you smoke? The answer to this question is important and can make a big difference in your success at quitting smoking. As a smoker I really never thought about why I smoked. When I felt cravings, anger, sad, and bored I typically would have a cigarette. It seemed to do the job and make me feel better. The craving would go away and if I were angry or sad it seemed to make me feel better. So why is this?

Years ago I starting smoking in high school because it was the cool thing to do. Back then I smoked only to smoke. After awhile I became addicted to the nicotine so I ended up smoking because I was addicted. Over the years I discovered that smoking helped with other areas of my life such as dealing with my feelings and emotional circumstances. Now I was smoking not only because I was addicted to nicotine but also it was my daily crutch.

Once I was able to figure out the reasons why I smoked I was able to better prepare myself for quitting. By journaling when and why I smoked I was able to compile a list of the types of situations, feeling, and times that I really wanted to smoke. This list became the foundation for my quit smoking program.

Beyond the obvious addiction to nicotine I knew I had to change my thinking about smoking. Yes, smoking did have short-term benefits to get me through difficult times but in the long run I just felt guilty for smoking. I discovered that there are healthier ways to deal with the circumstances that made me want to smoke. If you are not sure how to deal with things without smoking look to see what other people do. There is a vast amount of information and support groups available that can help you in this area of quitting smoking.

By knowing the reasons why I smoked I was able to find specific information and tools to incorporate into my daily life and thinking that helped me quit smoking. Millions of people get through life fine without smoking, I discovered that I too could be one of these people. By identifying the reasons why you smoke before you quit smoking you can be ready to handle most circumstances upon quitting.

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