Thursday, April 9, 2009

Personal Improvement

Some people just always seem to win. No matter what they touch, it always seems to turn into gold. Are you that person? If not, you might be the one who is aspiring to be that person. Why do certain people seem to do great at everything while others struggle just to get by?

There are several key factors that go into becoming successful. Any person can become successful regardless of age, location, or their current financial condition. You can always get better than where you are if you focus on self-improvement. People who always seem to win always have great attitudes. Think back on your life and pick out the people who always win. I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of them had a great attitude. They are the people that you always like to be around. They are the ones that make everyone around them feel better.

The key ingredient to this winner's attitude is expectancy. These people actually expect to win and they live their lives accordingly. Losers tend to sit around and make fun of the winners. They complain about circumstances while winners believe that circumstances are made.

Besides having a winning attitude, those that are successful inevitably set goals. Goal setting is essential to achieving what you want in life. If you play football on an unmarked field, the battle will be a pointless one. Why would you run through life without an end zone to work towards? Everyone needs something to work for.

Once you decide exactly what you want, you need to break your goals down. Break them into long-term goals and short-term goals. This means that you need to break the bigger ones down into little achievable goals that you can do every day. If your goal is to make so much money per year, just figure out how much you need to make per day. Then work every day to earn that amount of money.

Once you have these long-term goals and short-term goals figured out, you also need to write them down. Putting these goals on paper is a big step in the process. There is something about getting them on paper that makes them concrete in your mind. Then you will know exactly what you're working towards at all times. If you don't have a concrete goal, you'll probably forget about it and move on. You'll get sidetracked with all that life can throw at you. Only about 3% of people actually claim to have written goals. This means that once you write your goals down, you are ahead of 97% of the population. This is before you even achieve a single goal.

With these two aspects improving in your life, self-improvement will be easy. Once you've mastered a winning attitude and set your goals, you're well on your way to success. Just put any notions of failure out of your mind completely and move ahead. You will start to win at every single thing that you do.

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