Saturday, April 4, 2009

3 Successful Goal Setting Strategies That Never Fail

Goal setting is an easy process; all you have to do is to write down what you want to achieve in a piece of paper and paste it somewhere you can see often. Although that this is an easy process, you will be amazed how many people are actually doing this. The lack of commitment to follow through is one of the common reasons people fail to achieve their goals.

Another big common reason is that most people never do what they suppose to do after they have set their goal. You should know that it is what you do after you have set your goal that will bring you to your success. If you are not doing anything after you have set your goals, nothing is going to happen.

Below are the 3 successful goal setting strategies that you must do them right after you have set your goals. If you follow through, you will guarantee to achieve your goals...

1. Affirm your goals every night and visualize about the achievement of your goals. You need to sink the idea into your subconscious mind and at the same time, motivate yourself to achieve it. By doing so, you are constantly motivating yourself into taking more action. Remember, it is the action that you take that will make your goal come true.

2. Take at least 3 actions that will bring you toward your goal everyday. For example, if your goal is to become a real-estate millionaire, the actions that you can take are like doing market research, looking for deals, read to improve, making calls to prospects and many more. Goal setting is not a magic wand; you will never achieve your goal if you are not doing anything.

3. Make a public commitment by telling everyone about your goal. If you do so, you will leave yourself no alternative but to achieve your goal. Some of your friends may laugh at you if you tell them that you are going to be a real-estate millionaire, but so what? Turn their negative force into positive motivation that propels you into taking action.

By following through these 3 successful goal setting strategies that never fail, I believe that you will definitely achieve your goal. Remember, success is about getting things done.

If you are serious in achieving what you really want in your life, goal setting is the right tool for you. I'm going to share with you the 3 phases of Goal Setting Activities, you are about to discover the real and guaranteed strategies how to achieve your goals

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