Thursday, April 2, 2009

Angles for Novices

The Bible has innumerable references to angels. The Bible has been in fact the very reason for the increasing popularity of angels. You even have angel gift items extensively available in markets. Angels are not glorified human beings according to the Bible. They were created by the almighty and are not supposed to marry or reproduce like humans. Angels are akin to a company, they are a sort of association and not a race, which has descended from a common ancestor.

Angels are considered messengers, who act on the behest of the lord. One can find extensive references to angels in the Bible, where the angels have come to the rescue of many a person in distress. From what one understands from the scriptures, angels were all created by the lord at a single instance. Angles could assume any form. Although most of the times when we think of angels, we think of baby faced angels, but it need not be so all the times. Angels could assume the form of both males and females. There are more references to angels in the form of males, though in the Bible. And not all angels are considered good. Some of them were evil also. You even have references of sword wielding angels. One can find references about angels flying with wings on their sides and being responsible for innumerable acts of miracle.

Although as soon as we think of the word angel, we associate it with good, it is far from the truth. Some angels are also considered bad. The angels associated with Satan are known as demons according to the Bible. Most of the angels were assigned to carry out god's decree. They were created for spreading the message of god. One can find extensive information about angels through leading religious online resources. One thing is for sure that whether good or bad, angels continue to fascinate us.

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