Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Develop Self-Esteem Via Self-Improvement Skills - Develop Self-Esteem For Leadership

Aristotle, who is among the best known classical Greek philosophers, wrote about how important it is to develop self-esteem. Founders of religions also have had an influence on personal development techniques as we know them today. I talk about self-improvement skills that are used to build self-confidence with confidence-building methods, which are based on ancient ideals, in this commentary.

"Humility: Imitate Jesus Christ and Socrates." Benjamin Franklin

Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher who helped provided the foundation for Western civilization. Plato's work is the most reliable source of records concerning his mentor Socrates. Plato portrayed Socrates as a man who listened to a "divine voice in his head." Some philosophies of Socrates and Jesus Christ were very similar.

"Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others." Socrates

The position of Socrates is similar to a commandment, which Jesus expressed in the Sermon on the Mount; and it is one of the central ethical values of Jesus Christ. Notice the philosophical similarity of what Socrates recommended with the well-known Golden Rule, which was put forth over some 400 years after the execution of Socrates.

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them; for this is the law of the prophets." (Matthew 7:12 KJV)

The life of Socrates is generally considered a paradigm of philosophic life; and it is generally a good model for anyone to imitate. Socrates has been admired and emulated on a par with founders of religions like Jesus Christ and Buddha. This is a paradox because Socrates was tried, convicted; and executed on the grounds of being irreverent toward the Greek gods.

Aristotle, who was a student of Plato and therefore received many of his values indirectly from Socrates, did more than simply intellectualize a theory about how people should behave. He created written instructions in his book, Nicomachean Ethics, which extolled the value of having high self-esteem; and there are self-improvement skills, which are included in confidence-building methods to develop self-esteem in order to help you produce a leadership quality personality, which are based on that ancient document.

Self-Improvement Skills

The best self-improvement skills, of which I am aware, to develop self-esteem and build self-confidence are confidence-building methods that I call "behavior strategies."

The behavior strategies are 3 premeditated and deliberate self-improvement skills to develop the core values, as described in Aristotle Ethics, and to develop self-esteem. The behavior strategies are used to condition your subconscious mind; and therefore you can change your subconscious thoughts, which actually control your behavior 90% of the time.

Let me be clear about this, you never even "hear" your subconscious thoughts; but they control your behavior a vast majority of the time. Ergo, you can develop self-esteem by developing your subconscious reaction to your environment. You do not have to allow the bad things in your past control your subconscious thoughts, which trigger your behavior most of the time.

You can control your personality, and not the other way around, simply by conditioning your subconscious triggers. You can develop self-esteem and build self-confidence by using self-improvement skills to change your thoughts on the subconscious level, from negative to positive thinking. You can control your power of positive thinking on the subconscious level.

You only need to put into practice the easy-to-do confidence-building methods and develop behavior that is consistent with Aristotle Ethics. Dedicate a total of about 60 minutes a day; the exercises are divided into 10 and 20-minute simple procedures, and so it will not interrupt your schedule.

You can do it while you are in your underwear & reclining in an easy chair; or even while you are relaxing on your bed. You can develop self-esteem, build self-confidence, get poise, willpower & faith, and; actually, you can get anything that you really want by using the self-improvement skills of the tried and proven confidence-building methods.

I was able to change my life simply by having desire to improve myself and by utilizing the strategic premeditated actions, which are self-improvement skills. It made a world of difference for me.

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