Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to Counteract Violence, Anger and Hatred

Counteract Violence with Knowledge... The saying "it's the quiet ones you want to watch" is very accurate, the people who don't instantly recoil to the violence but stop to weigh their options. Profile the aggressor, find the cause of the violence, then react in a cool calculated way by finding collaborative and empowering alternatives. If the reaction comes from keen acuity and not a chemical imbalance the outcome will be far more efficacious. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind"- "Mahatma Gandhi" Wise words from an even wiser man that teaches us one thing. There is no point in fighting fire with fire. Remedies like listening, deducing and giving time to get to the root of violent behaviour is what we need to dissipate it.

Counteract Anger with Understanding... Anger is a significant state of disapprobation and reasoning power is significantly hampered. Often anger can be diffused significantly when given a passive audience or serene location. Communication skills are essential in anger management but it is important not to lose control of your emotions. You do not have to agree with the position to respect the human behind it.

Counteract Hate with Righteousness... Hatred is more difficult, simply because it is not a rational feeling and is not subject to reason. Isolation from the hate mongers, education and psychotherapy should work. Every individual is human (with good traits and not so good traits) applying this ideology inhibits the reciprocation of this hate.

These may be difficult to counteract, especially since they are strong emotions, but with practice and dedication, they can be achieved!

Sashakay Fairclough is a 20 year old final year law student at the University of Huddersfield in England.

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