Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Response of Respection - Getting God's Approval

When you receive the Seal you will offer yourself to God as a living sacrifice. God will look upon you with respection, accepting your sacrifice. He will write His own Name upon you in the ultimate show of approval.

God created the world and the surrounding universe in seven days. On the fifth day He created the first man, Adam. He breathed the breath of spiritual Life into Adam once He had shaped him out of the earth.

This is how God will set His Seal upon you. He will shape the Seal out of the earth when He impresses it upon your forehead, for the Seal will be in the shape of the earth where a single wheat Seed is sown.

That single wheat Seed sown in your soul is Jesus Christ. After Jesus grows up and bears Fruit, that Fruit will be more seed you can sow in the garden of your soul.

You may sow that seed as the message of salvation and the message of the Seal. And when that seed bears fruit you may sow it too. It will bear believers in the message as its fruit.

Adam ate the Forbidden Fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God had forbidden it and the punishment was death. Death came upon Adam and Eve and all their offspring from this one act of disobedience.

And Adam was cursed further. God made him work hard to bear fruit from the land. So when God had banished him from the Garden of Eden, Adam began to work the land so it would bear fruit.

Adam was fruitful from the beginning in offspring. He had two sons right away--Cain and Abel. Cain was the firstborn and followed his father in working the land to bear fruit of the land.

Abel kept flocks of sheep. And when Cain and Abel offered to God of their fruits, God look upon Abel with respection--the ultimate show of His Approval. But God did not look with such Approval on the offering of his older brother Cain.

When you cultivate believers in the message of salvation and being sealed, by sowing the seed of Jesus and the message and then the believers, God will look with respection upon your sacrifices too.

Because when you receive the Seal you will lay down your own life. You will become just like Jesus who laid down His Life to save you from your sins. You will not depend on His Sacrifice alone. You will sacrifice yourself.

Indeed you will lay your life down in order to become sealed because that is when Jesus will put you under His feet. You were previously an enemy of God and put under His feet.

Once you are put under the feet of Jesus you are no more His enemy. And since you become sealed you will become His friend. And He will show His Approval by looking upon that sacrifice with respection.

Of course you will also sacrifice yourself by showing mercy to the poor people and the messenger who brings you the message about being sealed. You will help them financially when you are able to.

When you are sealed God will look upon your sacrifice of yourself with His Approval, showing you respection and writing His own Name upon your forehead. So you will belong to God when you receive the Seal.

Jason Witt is a sinner healed and sealed. He has been transformed by Jesus, who came and made His Home in Jason's heart and in his mind. Come and see what Jesus foretold that is starting to happen today. Jason Witt dot org

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